DIY Greenhouse Plans Can Make Your Green Thumb Greener

diy greenhouse plansIf you grow plants and flowers, you know what a rewarding hobby it can be. A gardener surrounds themselves with the bounty of nature, as well as its beauty. However, Mother Nature is not always kind to the plants and flowers we work so hard to grow. Cold weather, or even cool nights, can spell trouble for even the hardiest of plants. A greenhouse is the perfect way to protect what you grow when the weather is less than perfect. With DIY greenhouse plans, you can easily build your own greenhouse and make that green thumb of yours a little bit greener.

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As human beings, we are in love with all things green and growing. We have a special relationship with plants, trees and flowers. The color green, to us, symbolizes life, food and shelter. Perhaps, we feel this connection because we are of the Earth. We recognize the rhythms of life inside each of us and see this rhythm reflected and enhanced in the world around us. We are aware that each of us begins, grows, comes to fruition and fades. We see that cycle repeated in the natural world. Could it be that we love to grow plants because we yearn to control a part of this cycle? It may very well be that our interest, as a species, in gardening is our way of attempting to conquer death and achieve immortality.

Very early on, our ancestors realized the importance of growing things. After all, we had developed as a species surrounded by plants of all kinds. We came to depend upon them for food. We also came to depend upon them for different types of materials used in constructing shelter, clothing and even weapons. However, for a long time we were dependent on what plants we could gather. If we couldn’t find enough of the right plants, we went without food, endured insufficient shelter and clothing and inadequate weapons. However, this was all destined to change.

Agriculture is the technology that allowed mankind to domesticate wild plants. It can be argued that agriculture was the most important of all human technological revolutions. At the very least, very few people would disagree that agriculture is the technology upon which all subsequent technologies are built upon and depend upon. Agriculture allowed us to break the cycle of abundance and famine that was so much a part of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. With agriculture, we finally had a surplus of plants. More importantly, agriculture allowed us to have surplus of the plants we wanted, when we wanted them. This is a key fact, because this was the beginning of gardening.

It’s important to understand the difference between gardening and farming. While build a greenhousefarming is the business of growing food, gardening is the growing of plants for pleasure. It is a civilized art. Therefore, it’s no wonder that it took the development of civilization for gardening to take root, so to speak.

Because gardeners grow plants for pleasure, as opposed to growing crops for profit, a need to protect more fragile plants from the vagaries of local climate soon became apparent. While farmers can afford, and actually need, to allow their fields to lie fallow, gardeners had no such restraints. They could grow their plants year round and, in fact, wanted to do so. The greenhouse developed out of this need of gardeners.

A greenhouse, as you may know, is a building or structure specifically designed to protect plants from the weather. It is also designed to extend the growing season for plants beyond the limits set by nature and climate for a given locale. Every serious gardener, at one time or another, has either used a greenhouse or wished they had one. Now that build your own greenhouse plans are available online, no gardener needs to go without a greenhouse again.

The great thing about a greenhouse is that it is a flexible structure. It can grow or shrink to fit your needs. You can make your greenhouse extremely simple or you can make your greenhouse extremely elaborate. The only limits are your budget and your imagination.
A great place to start is with building greenhouse plans. Building plans for a greenhouse are extremely affordable. These low prices mean that everyone, from beginner to expert, can begin to construct the greenhouse of their dreams.

Greenhouses tend to be extremely easy to construct. If you have a set of simple tools and rudimentary construction skills you should have no problem putting an average greenhouse together. If your carpentry skills are a little more advanced, you might even want to try drawing up your own greenhouse plans. Either way, many greenhouse plans also come with material and tool lists at no extra cost. In the end, building a greenhouse is an extremely simple project, one that will pay future dividends in baskets of flowers and vegetables.

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