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Hoop Greenhouse

Hoop GreenhouseA hoop greenhouse can be inexpensive to build. It is a great choice to extend your growing year. You can grow anything that you choose to grow inside a hoop greenhouse without the added expense. You can use hoop greenhouse plans to build any size that you want. Just add sections on to make longer or take a couple sections out to make it smaller.

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hoop greenhouse plansBuilding a hoop greenhouse is easier than any other greenhouse to build. You can choose from different materials to build it. You can use PVC, metal, or aluminum to build it. PVC would be your cheaper choice. You can then cover it with polyethylene film or reinforced fiberglass panels.

If you use PVC you should use the  polyethylene film as it is the lighter option. If you choose to use metal or aluminum then you may use the reinforced fiberglass panels since it will hold the weight better than the PVC.

You can easily add a water line into your hoop greenhouse buy putting an adapter on your frame and routing it to the top with a sprinkler attached onto the top of your greenhouse. I like this idea, it makes it easy to water all your plants at once and is inexpensive to do.

If you choose to add the sprinkler make sure that you place your hoop greenhouse in a spot with good drainage. You will not only be watering your plants but you will also be watering the ground. You will not want to be standing in water while you are working on you plants.

There are a couple of different things that you can do for added drainage. You can add gravel for the base so that the water drains under the rock. You can also place your greenhouse on a small pitch so all the water drains out quickly.

Hoop GreenhouseYou will need ventilation in your greenhouse. Depending on what you choose to build your hoop greenhouse out of you can add a window in the back or you can make it a walkthrough greenhouse with a door on both ends.

Set up your hoop greenhouse, put in a couple of grow racks to grow your plants, and you are set to go. No special skills are required. All you need is a basic set of carpenter tools and a free weekend to build your hoop greenhouse.



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