How To Build A Small Greenhouse

small greenhouse plansNumerous people enjoy having a garden, but not a lot of people take it to the next level and start looking around for how to build a small greenhouse so they can extend their growing year. A small greenhouse can be an enjoyable hobby, or it could turn into a way of life providing food all year round.

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A greenhouse creates an ecosystem that is maintained properly is ideal for your plants. Plants require warm temperatures so they can grow and a greenhouse is well-suited for this as it traps the heat of the sun.

The heat, sun, and moisture levels should be maintained at particular levels for the plants to grow right. To prevent your plants from getting too hot, you have to invest in ventilation and heating systems. An irrigation system is also essential if you wish your greenhouse to be successful.

Choosing The Right Location

You will need to choose a location to build a small greenhouse that is flat, sunny, has good drainage, and does not have trees around so no branches fall off and damage your greenhouse.

For plants to grow to full potential, they will likely need a good amount of sunlight. Healthy growth of the plants requires solar radiation to create the photosynthetic reaction, which the leaves and stems of the plants need.

The best location would be the sunniest part of your yard that gets at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day. Ideally you would like to get 8 to 10 hours a day. This location should be free of any falling debris such as branches. But remember the morning sun is the most important.

You are going to need good drainage so that you are comfortable. Your plants will need to be watered and you do not want to be standing in a puddle of water when you are caring for your plants.

Another reason for good drainage is that you do not want to have water run off from melting snow or rain standing in your greenhouse. You can build a small greenhouse on a slight downhill slope with a layer of rock as your floor if you think that drainage will be a problem.

Material To Build A Small Greenhouse

Once you are fully committed to learning how to build a small greenhouse, you need to decide what type of greenhouse you want and how much you want to spend. The less expensive small greenhouses are made of wood and polythene and can generally be constructed fairly easily.

The structure of your backyard greenhouse can be made from any of the following:small wooden greenhouse

  • Galvanized iron
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • PVC pipe

You can choose to cover your backyard greenhouse in any of these options:

  • Glass
  • Polycarbonates (Plastic sheets)
  • Plexiglass
  • Fiberglass reinforced panels
  • Polyethylene Film

Glass, polycarbonates, and, plexiglass are your more expensive options for your backyard greenhouse. Glass is also heavy so you need to go with a better frame structure to support the weight of the glass.

Fiberglass reinforced panels and polyethylene film are much cheaper options for your backyard greenhouse. Both can be used as enclosures for wood or pvc.

The type and amount of material needed to build a small greenhouse is going to depend on which greenhouse plan you go with. There are a number of sizes and shapes to choose from.

Putting Your Greenhouse Together

small glass greenhouseMost of the time the different components of the greenhouse are built individually and then put together at the end to form the final structure.

As greenhouses generally do not need a foundation you will start with building a base for the walls. Once the greenhouse base is completed, you can then place it in your chosen location for your greenhouse.

After the base, you’ll want to construct the side walls. The side walls are then affixed to the base. Your next step is to build the roof. The last structural components of your small greenhouse to be built and installed are the end walls and doors. Like the side walls and base, they are constructed separately and attached to the rest of the structure.

Once the framework for the greenhouse is in place, you can then attach the covering of your greenhouse to finish it up.

Small Greenhouse Plans

You can get an ebook that shows you a simple way to build a quality greenhouse, regardless of your experience level and your budget. By following these plans, you’ll be able to build a greenhouse without investing in any specialized tools.

These greenhouse plans come with exact dimensions, and a list with all of the required materials that you will need.

You will find out the following information from this book:

  • How to grow veggies with a hot bed greenhouse.
  • The optimum lighting system.
  • The importance of a ventilation system and how to choose the correct one.
  • How to get the best materials that will save you money and will last long.
  • Discover ways to use an existing wall and save money on building materials.
  • Discover which size grow rack is best in your backyard.

Reading this ebook will give you a complete course in building a greenhouse as well as greenhouse gardening. Every greenhouse question you can think of is answered in this book.

You can expect to learn how to:

  • Pick out plants
  • Prepare soil mix
  • Get rid of pests

And lets not forget the bonuses for continued savings:

  • How To Keep Your Greenhouse Warm During Winter
  • How To Build A Greenhouse On A Budget
  • 10 Plants You Never Thought About Growing In A Greenhouse
  • Build A DIY Greenhouse Irrigation System

To have a successful greenhouse, this ebook and set of plans will be your all-in-one guide. For under forty dollars, you can download the Build A Greenhouse Plans ebook right away.

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