Lean To Greenhouse Plans

Lean To Greenhouse Plans

lean to greenhouse plans

Lean to Greenhouses are different than other greenhouse design as they only have 3 sides. They are specifically designed to be attached to an existing structure. The design of the lean to is nice for a smaller yard but yet remains nice and roomy inside. Most lean to greenhouse are built along side your home or a garage, but you can also build your lean to against a shed, pole barn or even a fence if you wanted to. This smaller size lean to is similar to a mini greenhouse.

You can use your lean to for multiple uses. Build it for a sun room and still enjoy the value of growing anything that you choose or you can choose to simply use it for a greenhouse only.

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Most lean to greenhouses are built out of metal or wood but you can build it out of any material that is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the covering. The most common covering choices are reinforced fiberglass and glass.

If you are building your lean to along side your house you may choose to build it where you have an outside door to your house so you can enter it from you house. This makes it easier to heat and cool as well.lean to greenhouse

While deciding which wall to attach your lean to greenhouse to make sure that that side of your building gets plenty of sunlight. The sunlight will be essential to your plants. With a lean to you will also need proper ventilation. You can simply place a vent on one of the walls.

Build a large lean to greenhouse as an addition to your house and reserve on side for your plants and one side for a sun room to sit in and relax while you enjoy your plants. Get easy to follow step by step instructions for building your own lean to greenhouse.

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